Monday, September 12, 2005


Terrell has talent, lots of it. That said, I still think the Eagles' organization should've cut this guy loose and sent him packin'. The skills he brings to the table are offset by the opposition's willingness to do whatever it takes to shut him down, and shut him up. Tonight on Monday Night Football, Atlanta did both. The Eagles should do what the Vikings did with their loose cannon, Randy Moss, and say thanks, but no thanks. Moss now plays in Oakland, and if he decides to be a productive, team player, he'll do fine. However, if decides to play with his ego in Oakland, he'll lose, and lose big. Oakland, after all, is the home of the Grand-Daddy of all egos: Al Davis. Al
never loses.
Did you watch the first day of Judge Roberts' confirmation hearings? It's no wonder our nation is as f---ed up as it is. I may be the only one that didn't give an opening speech at this event. What a colossal waste of time. The chairman should've opened with a speech and then went straight into the questioning of the judge. These idiots in the senate, both sides of the aisle, just love hearing the sound of their own voices. When the committee finally allowed the judge to speak, it was clear they were out-matched. Smooth and brilliant--and no notes.

Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh ain't got nothing on Kitty Litter. No way, Jose. Though she's busy writing, or supposed to be, she's still got time to set the pace for these headliners. Kudos to Kitty Litter. We're proud of this gal.

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