Thursday, September 29, 2005


***Chris at Lucky Dawg News is all over Bill Maher. HBO probably won't do anything to him, but we can always hope. And while you're there, he's had it with John Kerry, too. (scroll)

***Kitty at Kitty Litter links to a post that shouldn't be read before or after eating. It's a graphic site, so consider yourself warned. Here it is--cheers! (Kitty, I have that James Dean picture hanging on my wall)

***Marathon Pundit is blogging about something that hasn't happened since 1917. Maybe, just maybe, this is the year.

***Brainster has the low-down on the latest "Survivor," and he has info on a ship that's taking on water. This ship is listing hard to the portside--every man, or in this case, woman, for herself.

***Tinkerty Tonk has posted my favorite nominee for SCOTUS. I can only hope.

***How's your governor doing in the polls? Click the link on the far right and see the latest polling info in graph form. I found it of interest to check the polling for the govs in AL, MS, and LA. New Mexico's gov is doing great, but Illinois' gov is in the dumper. Both Dems. For presidential polling and much more, click here. And after you get to the graph on govs, pull down the "track points" in the upper left corner for a breakdown by age, sex, race, party, and much, much more. Interesting and informative stuff.

***UPCOMING MOVIE: North Country. I predict that if you don't see this movie, you will hear many around you discussing it. If you're a woman, you'll probably see it. I don't know if it's going to be a blockbuster, (lots of stars, though) but I do know it'll have a huge impact on the workplace. Lawyers will be happy come October 21st. Read this section and you'll know what I mean. (Participate)

***Why can't he just fade away.

***Out of all the women in the world to marry, this wiseguy had the misfortune to pick this one. Ain't love grand? (just read the first sentence)

***I'm just all busted up over this.

***TRACKBACKS. I tried to do trackbacks on all the blogs listed in this post, but only Kitty's would go through; the rest came back "malformed response." This happens all the time. Is it just me or does this happen to you too?

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