Friday, October 28, 2005


***Now that Scooter's been charged, dark days are ahead. Lots of them. The MSM is pleased to see him on the menu, but they're hoping he's only the appetizer. The entire left, in conjunction with the MSM, would love to see a mouth-watering Roast Rove as the main entree, ready for the carving. Rove is one press conference away from being charged, I think. Fitzgerald might attempt a squeeze play on Scooter, hoping he rolls over on Rove.

What to look for: Cheney getting connected to this mess. There's a good chance of it. If it comes to pass, turn out the lights, because this party's over. Done. Kiss 2006 and 2008 good-bye, and say hello to Clinton, Pelosi, and Boxer, because they'll be running the show. Can you say Secretary of State John Kerry? Dark days, indeed.

I can't think of a better time to capture OBL. It may be the only thing to save this administration.

***And you thought things couldn't get worse. Enter, BILLY JACK. When you go to his site, look at the picture of Dolores at the top right. Who does she remind you of? Read his position papers too. Pay particular attention to #3--you just knew she'd be mentioned. He says his new movie won't be a documentary like F-9/11. Instead, it'll be a full-length feature film with much Bush bashing. In other words, F-9/11 by another name. Movie info here. Scroll the links on the left--if you can stand it.

Does he blog? Well, of course he does.

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