Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Christmas lights, some music, a computer, and a house.

Outrageously cool.

H/T Ranting Right Wing Howler



Kitty's post about "Her Royal C," that quickly turned into a contest, has ended. Chris at Lucky Dawg News was the clear winner, according to "Her Royal K." What started out as a cute, little post, became a headliner of sorts, not to mention a lot of fun. So, congratulations to Chris.

And, for puttin' on such a fun contest, here's somethin' for you, Kitty.



Those on the "left" rarely admit when one of their own is in the wrong, even when it's obvious. But I like to think those of us on the "right" are more willing to sound-off when one of ours goes astray.

Rep. Cunningham, a republican from California, has clearly gone astray, using his elected office as his personal ATM machine. Admitting to have taken bribes has him looking at 10 years in the big house--I hope the judge gives him the maximum when he/she passes sentence.

Cunningham has not only destroyed his life, and that of his family, he's most certainly lost a seat in the House to the democrats. Thanks, asshole.

One statement in the San Diego Union-Tribune story looms large:

"Lam said the investigation will continue, but declined to comment about whether others would be charged in the case."

Trust me, this story isn't finished, yet; others will be following Cunningham to the slammer. I hope they all share the same cell.

Bush comments here.



Drudge is reporting that terrorists have taken more hostages in Baghdad. Hostage taking and beheadings have been used by the terrorists in the hopes it would weaken Allied support of the U.S. invasion, and to raise money through ransoms.

This terror tactic was used quite frequently but soon disappeared. Whatever the reason for the decline, the terrorists have more hostages and I fear that we'll be seeing more horrific videos courtesy of Arab tv.

It's clear the terrorists are not winning in Iraq, even though they have the American MSM printing stories to the contrary. In addition, they have yet another important election headed their way in December; an election that will put them further in the background.

As the terrorists become more desperate, watch for more scenes like the one pictured above to be played out on your tv.

More at Michelle Malkin's site.


Monday, November 28, 2005


Greybeard blogs at PITCHPULL and pilots an EMS chopper. I hope I have the correct model in the picture--BK117. He's also a flight instructor and came by his current occupation via Viet Nam. I've always liked his blog because we share similar beliefs when it comes to our Nation, our President, and our Troops.

Greybeard blogs about a wide variety of topics, but I especially enjoy the ones about his job. Recently, he posted about one of his days at work. Read it here. According to Greybeard, no shift is typical.

He also has some thoughts regarding our train system (Amtrak). Read that one here. Now click on over and read some of his other stuff. Enjoy.



"Her Royal C" is a term that came from the fertile mind of Kitty at Kitty Litter. It's a catchy moniker.

Kitty posted about HRC this morning and her post soon developed into a contest about what the "C" stands for. There's lots of funny entries, so get on over there and submit yours by clicking here.


Sunday, November 27, 2005


Ace of Spades links to a story out of the Washington Post about a poll dealing with criticism of the war and troop morale. It's a wonder this even showed up in their paper. Read the story here.


Friday, November 25, 2005


Hugh Hewitt wants your input about presidential candidates, the Senate, and ANWR. Thousands have voted already and I encourage you to participate by voting and linking the poll on your blog.

The results are broken down many ways and are quite interesting. As of now, Geena Davis might be tv's female president, but according to Hugh's poll, Condi is the most important and powerful woman in the world.

Go here to vote!


Thursday, November 24, 2005



Monday, November 21, 2005

11-22-63 12:30 PM CST

I was in 1st grade, Mrs. Bennett's class, at Leal School in Urbana, Illinois. Our teacher rolled a tv into class and turned it on so we could watch the coverage of the assassination. She knew this was one of the biggest events in our nation's history and she wanted us to witness it. I'm glad she did it. My dad made me watch the whole funeral, even though I didn't understand what was going on or its significance. Today, I'm glad he made me watch, but back then all I wanted to do was go outside and play. Watching President Reagan's funeral brought back memories of watching Kennedy's.

Since those early years, I've read many books on the subject and have developed a general fascination with it. The last book I read was, Farewell America, by James Hepburn. (pen name) After all the reading I've yet to figure out who shot JFK, but I do know who didn't. And, do you ever wonder why the assassination records were sealed until something like 2038? Odd, I think, unless you're trying to hide something or you're waiting for a whole generation to die off, or both.

Many things that our nation experiences today, politically and culturally, can be traced back to that day in Dealey Plaza; the day our history took an abrupt turn.

Where were you on that day?



I watched this speech live this morning, and I remember how nice it was of CNN to put that quote at the bottom of the picture. But the "X" is another thing. After checking all the major papers a few minutes ago, I couldn't find any mention of the "X" story. No surprise, but this should be very interesting as CNN tries to explain how the "X" ended up over the VP's face. Read the story here.

Political Teen has the video.



I posted about Rep. Murtha's patriotism, and one commenter (Olddad65/Greybeard) is attempting to school another (Paul). However, I don't think he'll win him over. I don't have to tell you which one I side with, either. After Greybeard's last comment, I think the back and forth will end. Or not. Read the comments in this post.



If you've always had a hankerin' to fly a B-52 bomber but didn't want to join the Air Force to do it, your problem is solved.

Great pilot skills.

Not-so-great pilot skills.

Hot doggin' it. Ouch. (The real deal)



Dennis The Peasant has been ragging on Roger L. Simon for a long time, and I was curious as to what the details were behind his rantings. Finally, Dennis posted the history of their relationship.


Saturday, November 19, 2005


I had a lot to say about last night's vote in the House, but the Ankle Biting Pundits said it all in this post.

What makes a man like Rep. Murtha say the things he said? After all, he's a highly decorated Marine, and his statements are most certainly in the category of "unpatriotic." Did he draw the short straw or what?

In other news, a recent poll indicates that Bush should be tried as a war criminal.

Hey, screw all this. Instead, let's just take them to IHOP for pancakes.


Friday, November 18, 2005


Mark Williams' interview with Sacramento City Councilman, Robbie Waters, went very well. Williams had Waters on for an hour, took calls, and did a great job of explaining how this resolution made its way through the council. Unfortunately, because Waters was willing to stand up and show his support for our troops, he's being targeted for defeat in his next election.

It's clear that the "Gang of 8" doesn't "get it," because the only thing this resolution accomplishes is giving "aid and comfort" to our enemies; the enemies that are killing our brave men and women.

Last week, Melanie Morgan, of Move America Forward, requested that we email or call each councilmember and ask that they rescind the proposal immediately. I emailed, and then I thought I should call, as well. When I called, I was informed that the councilmembers were off that day (Friday) because it was a holiday. Veterans Day, that is. How sweet. They get a 3-day weekend, courtesy of our Veterans.

The "Gang of 8" are the types that go around saying they support the troops, but not the war. However, real Americans know this makes no sense whatsoever. You can't have it both ways; you either support the troops 100% or you don't. The "Gang of 8" do not support our troops. Period. In fact, they are helping the enemy kill them.

Over the weekend I got curious about how much the SCC respects and supports both our troops and veterans. Tuesday morning I started calling each member and asked the staffers the following question:

On Friday, Veterans Day, which Veterans Day ceremonies did the councilmember attend? Here are the results:

Mayor Fargo: Did not attend.
CM Tretheway: No response.
CM Sheedy: No response.
CM Cohn: No response.
CM Fong: No response.

CM Hammond: Staffer became very angry. Wanted to know why I needed this info and it might be info I have no business having. End of conversation.

CM McCartys: Attended a veterans' resource center Friday.
CM Waters: Staffer didn't think he attended because he was recovering from a recent surgery.

CM Pannell: Did not attend.
NOTE: "No response" indicates that the staffer didn't know, or was reluctant, and said they would research the question and call me back. I had to call them back and I received the same response. As of this posting, no call backs. But if they do, I will amend this post immediately. However, I think "no response" is the same as "did not attend."

I'm not seeing a lot of support here.



Thursday, November 17, 2005


Here's another story you won't see in the MSM--not much, anyway. I love his reasoning for making the change, too.

H/T Right-Wing & Right Minded.




Sacramento City Councilman, Robbie Waters, will be interviewed this evening on The Mark Williams Show. This is the first interview by Waters since the Sacramento City Council passed a resolution calling on the president to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq. Waters was the only councilmember to vote "no" on the resolution. It passed 8-1.

Since voting "no," Waters has been targeted for defeat. The resolution is a short read and is a typical piece of left-wing, anti-Americanism. Read it here.

This resolution undercuts our troops and gives our enemies "aid and comfort." The SCC, save Waters, should be ashamed and should be pressured to apologize for such a despicable act.

You can hear the interview from 7-8pm PST on KFBK 1530 am. Net Stream here (Listen Live). To phone the show, 916-921-1530.

Look for many anti-war types to call the show. I'm looking for our LOCAL VILLAGE IDIOT to call the show so he can joust with Waters.

RELATED POST: Sacramento by the Bay.



She says, "I'm no Stephen King," but I think the best seller she's writing is titled, "Blog Sematary." I could be wrong, though.

And, I must have missed it, but what did Roger do to piss off Dennis? Anyone?

Will Woodward be naming Rove as his source? Probably. This guy names another as the source.



You still have plenty of time to enter your caption for this week's contest over at THE RIGHT PLACE. Contest ends Friday. Click here to enter your winning caption. Good luck!


Monday, November 14, 2005


Did everyone miss what happened last week? Either you did or you're too tired to care. CBS is probably figuring that you're tired of the "Rather" story and will let CBS slide without making a big fuss. Not the case here, though.

What happened last week was this: First, all week you got a steady dose of Mary Mapes making a complete idiot of herself while trying to sell us on the validity of the "fake documents." Second, and ever so slightly, CBS brings Rather back on the air in the final segment of 60 Minutes Sunday night. Pretty slick, if you ask me.

It's been a little over a year since Rather and Mapes were caught by a wild pack of pajama clad bloggers, and CBS figures (hopes) that's the extent of their attention span. So now Mary and Dan are back in action. Well, at least Dan is; we'll have to see where Mary lands.

After retiring (fired) as the anchor at CBS News, Rather didn't go back to Texas to write books, ect., he went on the shelf until the dust settled. Apparently the dust settled; he's back onboard the mothership as if nothing ever happened. Things haven't changed with CBS and it's clear they've learned nothing from Rather and Mapes' attempt at changing the outcome of a presidential election.

For me, it's back to RATHERGATE.COM, to fill-out the email form that gets sent to all CBS advertisers. I did this back when the story was hot and I still get contacted by advertisers. It worked then and I assure you that it will work again. I urge you to take a minute and send them your thoughts on the matter. Just click here.

CBS is either stupid or Dan has pictures of someone at corporate with farm animals. I think they're stupid, but don't rule out the pictures.


Saturday, November 12, 2005


The numbers for voter turnout in last Tuesday's California Special Election are beginning to indicate what I already knew: Republicans failed to show.

Newsmax has the story. The defeat, according to Arnold, is all his fault.

Election results.


Friday, November 11, 2005


Today's the day set aside for us to say "thanks" to all the veterans of our nation. These bloggers did a great job of doing that--it's worth a look.







History of Veterans Day.


Thursday, November 10, 2005


"Clear on the right, clear on the left!" If you're familiar with that phrase, then you've been on a firing range. But this particular firing range has the kids getting in on the act, but don't worry, their parents are close by.

This range is different in another way, too: It's a full-auto range!! When it comes to firing ranges, this one's gettin' it done.

They fire at stationary targets, junk cars, and even a car tries to drive through the area but is reduced to a smoldering pile of molten metal in no time flat, because little Sally just unloaded several hundred rounds into it. They also blow stuff up. Looks like a weekend of non-stop fun to me.

And, no, you won't find this place anywhere near the San Francisco Bay area, unless the criminal element has a range hidden somewhere in the 'hood. Oakland, anyone? This range is in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Full-Auto Shoot. See it here. H/T Ace of Spades.



We all have our ways of saying "thanks" to the troops serving overseas, but this Nevada businessman takes it to a new level. Read about it here, then go to his website.

To all those who serve--THANKS!! And Happy Birthday to the USMC!!

H/T Foxnews



A couple years back, republicans showed up at their voting booths and threw Gov. Davis out of office--recalled him. At the same time they installed Arnold as the new governor and things were looking up for California. Common sense changes to our state were within our grasp. That thinking is a thing of the past; we've lost all momentum and now it's back to the drawing board.

The turnout for last Tuesday's "special election" indicates, clearly, something we've known for a long time, and something that the "right" can't seem to learn from: Democrats in California are full-time activists and republicans, at best, are part-timers. Republicans failed to vote, thus missing out on a great opportunity to bypass the legislature and make sweeping changes within our state. This election was so important that it had national implications.

Had republicans made an asserted effort to vote, passed Arnold's propositions, Arnold would be unstoppable from this point forward. Since that never happened, I have to agree with Dick Morris' assessment of the governor's situation. And popular Sacramento talk-radio host, Mark Williams, gives us his view.

Two things to look for in California politics: Beatty and Reiner.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005


All election results are found at this site, and will be updated every 5 or 10 minutes.

So far, I don't like what I see.

***It's 1045 pm, and from what I hear on the news, this election has been lost. With over 1 million votes from the Bay Area and Los Angeles still uncounted, I think it's safe to say that Warren Beatty will sleep well tonight.




And while we wait for the results to come in, here's a couple things to look over:

***Pam at BlogmeisterUSA has some exposed footage for your viewing displeasure.

***Recently, the Sacramento City Council passed a resolution calling for the President to withdraw from Iraq and bring all the troops home. Needless to say, this action did not go over too well, and not just with locals, either; they got some rather nasty emails and phone calls from all around the country. So, the council, with all its bravado, did this: They called the police. Read the sad story here.

***Melanie Morgan, of Move America Forward, just dropped an email in my inbox. In it she says a nationwide ad will begin tomorrow on Fox from "The Other Iraq.com." It's an ad by Iraqis thanking America for their freedom. There's 3 spots, but here's my favorite.

And finally...

***A fence doesn't always make for good neighbors. Ace has the post.



The Founder-in-Chief of The Right Place, Mr. Right, has added a couple new bloggers to his site. Anna (A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME), and T. M. Ergin (JOUST THE FACTS)-- So far, I likey.


***Aaron's cc has proposed developing a deck of cards featuring bloggers. Great idea. Mr. Right thinks so, too, and makes a case for including his blog in spades. If you want my opinion, click here.

***Chris at Lucky Dawg News always does a little touchup of Mr. Right's photo, so get on over there to see what he did this week. (scroll) Also, while you're there, he has a Bush video that I'm sure you'll want to see again.

***The TRP photo caption contest is developing very nicely. However, I was completely screwed in last week's competition. I'm considering an appeal. All winners, or mentions, receive points and Mr. Right keeps a running total of the current standings. I've clawed my way up the list to a solid 13th place out of some 40+ contestants. My sights are clearly set on one Rodney Dill. With a win last week, which I didn't get, I would've leaped forward to about 4th place. See the CAP HOG STANDINGS here.

***This week's photo, I thought, was a tough one. But looking at the entries so far, you can see there are many imaginative captions being entered. You have until Friday to get your entry in, and if you haven't entered before, I encourage you to do so this week--it's a lot of fun and you'll meet some great blogger folks in the bargain. Also, Mr. Right is very liberal with links to your blog. ENTER YOUR CAPTION FOR THE PHOTO BELOW, and good luck:

Look out, Rodney Dill, I'm comin' for ya!



With Beth Holloway-Twitty standing off to the side, Governor Bob Riley of Alabama called for a nationwide travel boycott against the island of Aruba.

Joran Van der Sloot, one of four suspected in Natalee's disappearance, seems to be Aruba's version of a Kennedy.

I hope the other 49 states make similar boycott announcements.




Sunday, November 06, 2005


Neo-neocon posted about the use of "it's" and "its." Long ago I mastered the use of the apostrophe with regard to possession, contraction, and omission. I will admit that it's about the only aspect of our language I've mastered, though. To this day I struggle with "me" versus "I," so I tend to avoid any wording that calls for it. Another thing I avoid, both verbally and written, is "it's not," because it sounds a lot like "snot." Not good in my opinion, so I reword it to either "it is not" or "it isn't." Weird, I know.

The book pictured is one I own and one I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with. I love that I have it, but hate when I read it, because it confirms to me how little I understand about the inner workings of our language. Mostly I'm self-taught in writing and speaking the language. I wasn't prepared when I arrived to college, and one day a teacher, psychology, asked me to stand before the class and read a paragraph from a paper I turned in. I read the paragraph, but when I got to the word "alot," (my spelling) he stopped me and made an example of me to the entire lecture forum. He went off on a tangent about spelling, grammar, punctuation, and how we should know these things by now. He never once touched on the subject at hand; he was talking basics of english and driving home his point at my expense. From that point on, I knew "a lot" more about "alot" and how it's two words and not one.

The teacher's tirade motivated me to go to a place called the library (all colleges have them) to learn a little something about the basics. However, at the time, I thought this guy was a complete asshole for treating me in this manner. Later, though, I would realize he had done me a tremendous favor; he took the time for something he thought was important, and that makes him a great teacher, in my opinion.

Anyway, the reason for this post--I'm rambling, I know--is that I was reading one of my regular blogs today and the "it's/its" came jumping out at me. Since I just read Neo's post I thought this was strange, and I even thought they were doing it on purpose because of her post. Again, weird. But, it wasn't done once, not twice, but three times in two posts. Once at the end of a post, then once in the following post's title, and finally someone did it in the first comment.

I know this particular blog well, but would never mention it because that never comes to anything good. Been there, done that. In fact, you could spell your name incorrectly and my lips would be sealed. Trust me on this. Later I noticed that the first incorrect "it's" was edited to "their," but the others still stand. Since I have such a weak grasp of our language, I would never identify the blog or suggest a correction; I will leave any correcting to the experts, which I am not.

For me, blogging is a pain, but in the end I enjoy it, and I especially enjoy the folks I come in contact with. I'm constantly checking and double-checking everything I'm about to post. Then after I post, I get to check again. Somewhere something must be dangling, misspelled, or just plain awkward. I can only hope I don't embarrass myself, so I always try to do the best I can because I know many of you are in the business of writing or publishing or something related. And I'm always open to any advice you might have regarding my writings. Feel free to use the comment section, or the less embarrassing email would be most appreciated. I'm open to your critique because I'm here to learn, and when I read your blogs, I usually learn something new everyday.

Someday, I hope, I'll be like Kitty at Kitty Litter. I figure she types her posts out at about 175 words-a-minute, hits the publish button, and goes to lunch. Not me, I have lunch during my checks and double-checks. I sometimes double-check "spell check" just to be safe. I may be a lost cause.

So many rules, two little time---I know you think you caught me on the "two," but I know it's supposed to be "to"...or is it "too"?

Where's that book!!!


Saturday, November 05, 2005


From the AP:
"His interrogator was his son, Chris. Their talk, taped for "Fox News Sunday," represented the first time father and son had crossed paths professionally in careers that together stretches three-quarters of a century."

Not long ago I posted about Chris Wallace because he seems to be coming around to the idea that the MSM is biased. It wouldn't be important except for the fact his father is Mike Wallace, and Sunday he'll be interviewing him for the first time. Chris will be asking his father questions covering many topics, including Dan Rather's story about Bush and the his NG service. It should be good. (airtimes)

***Here in California the MSM is going hog wild trying to convince the voters that Arnold's propositions are failing in the polls. I don't believe the polls--period. The dems in this state are like dems everywhere, no ideas on anything. So why resort to this strategy when the propositions are failing badly? I know the answer--you figure it out for yourself.

***I have thought about and discussed these very things many times; I find it frustrating to put it all together, though. However, someone did and I'm sure you'll read it all, even print it out. This may be the most important post you'll ever read. Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

***Scooter's probably going to jail--get over it. I told a friend the other day that it doesn't matter, though, because Bush will use the one tool all presidents use at the end of their terms: The presidential pardon. Here's a listing of pardons by president since Ike. Interesting.

***Pam at BlogmeisterUSA posted about Andy Rooney and his use of the term "negro" a few days ago. Tune into 60 Minutes tonight to see if he goes off about it again. My guess is he will, but what do I know? OK, I know Pam's new site is lookin' good.

***Anybody famous near you? Apparently no one thought Folsom was a good spot to spend an eternity. (on the left, click "location," then "United States") Check out Carrollton, Illinois--George Romero would have loved this location.


Friday, November 04, 2005


I know there's a lot of other important stuff going on in the world, but I can't pass up a chance to showcase one of the NFL's biggest a-holes.

Yes, Terrell is back at it again. Is he talented? You bet he is. Is he worth the trouble? Nope. Any team that enters into a contract with Owens deserves everything he brings to the table.

Terrell had his feelin's hurt recently, threw a snit-fit and had to apologize:

"Owens apologized to the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday, one day after blasting the organization for not publicly recognizing his 100th career touchdown catch two weeks ago."

And here he actually learns something:

"I've had an opportunity to talk with the Eagles organization and I have learned that the team does not recognize individual achievements," Owens said in a prepared statement. "It has been brought to my attention that I have offended the organization and my teammates. Therefore, I would like to apologize for any derogatory comments toward them."

After all these years in the NFL, Terrell finally learns that he's ON A TEAM!! Imagine that. I guess it ain't all about you, Terrell. Cheer up, though, the Eagles are 4-3, so your season's about over, and then you'll have plenty of time to bask in the glow of your incredibly over-inflated ego.

This week the Eagles are playing the Redskins (4-3)--ESPN, Sunday Night Football. If the owner of the Eagles has at least two brain cells running around in his head, he'll have Owens watch the game from the bench.

***UPDATE*** ESPN just announced (noon Saturday) that T.O. has been suspended indefinitely. Although I think this should've happened a long time ago, I have to give the owner and coaching staff credit for taking this action. Read the story at ESPN.



You can almost see the Golden Gate Bridge from downtown Sacramento now. The Sac city council decided to join San Francisco, Chicago and most towns (dozens) in Vermont by passing a resolution calling for our troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. Chicago? What's up with that, John Ruberry?

The resolution passed 8-1. Robbie Waters, the former Sac County Sheriff, was the lone voice of opposition:

"Councilman Robbie Waters, on the other hand, said the City Council had little business taking an official stance on an issue largely beyond its control.
"This is a matter best left to our elected officials in Washington, D.C.," Waters said."

The timing of this resolution is poor, at best, with the holidays soon approaching. It's another slap in the face for our troops in harm's way, because the resolution's reasoning, for the most part, says we're losing the war and we aren't willing to pay the price.

Move America Forward, which is based here in Sacramento, has started a radio campaign geared toward the support of our troops. One of the spots is aimed squarely at the Sacramento City Council. That spot will be broadcast here locally, but you can hear it along with the other spots by clicking on the list below. In addition, the MAF link will give you the contact info for each council member.


Sac City Council Spot

2nd spot......3rd spot.

It's late 2005, do you know what your city council's up to??


Wednesday, November 02, 2005


SPC Timothy Watkins was laid to rest on Tuesday in Yucca Valley. Fred Phelps had announced that his band of creeps would be traveling to YV to demonstrate, but never arrived. Some Soldier's Mom received an email from someone who attends the Calvary Baptist Church in YV and advised her that Phelps was a no-show. The emailer also described the services for Tim. Read it all here.

Chris at Lucky Dawg News posted about this story and added his ideas on how to stop Phelps in the future. Someone has to take action, and Chris is doing just that. Read his post here. (scroll)

It was great news that Phelps didn't show at Tim's funeral, saving all who attended the pain of his brand of protest. However, Phelps is still out there, still planning to attend other funerals, and still planning to cause as much pain and suffering to our military families as he can.

Phelps, for his actions, will have front row, reserved seating in hell--down close to the fire--and the sooner he gets to take his seat, the better.

To everyone who posted about Tim and emailed me with offers of help--Thank you. You're good folks, bless all of you.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Foxnews just announced that the U.S. Senate has gone into closed, secret session, to discuss the reasons for our country's involvement in Iraq. Bill Frist and the other republican leaders are furious over this move by Harry Reid.

In my opinion, they should be scared, too. With the Libby indictment, the dems smell blood in the water and I don't see this adding up to anything good for republicans. The press will be on board, immediately, with the democratic leadership. Just watch Hardball this evening. And, the dems won't be stopping at Libby; they're looking to link Cheney in a big way.

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Just saw Lifelike Pundits' blog on MSNBC. Good job, Aaron!!



"The Right Place" held a Halloween party for bloggers to attend while in costume. The bloggers had many funny posts and at the end, unmasked themselves, revealing their true identities to everyone. By my reading, it was a huge success. "The Right Place" is not only a great blog, but an important one, as well. Go over and take a read.

Do not forget the photo caption contest, either. Here's this week's entry:

Click here to enter your caption. Anyone can win--trust me, I know.

I'll bet Mr. Right wishes he ran across this one first; it's a doozy. But then again, there's this little gem.

And last but not least, a little somethin' for the crew at The Right Place.

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