Wednesday, November 02, 2005


SPC Timothy Watkins was laid to rest on Tuesday in Yucca Valley. Fred Phelps had announced that his band of creeps would be traveling to YV to demonstrate, but never arrived. Some Soldier's Mom received an email from someone who attends the Calvary Baptist Church in YV and advised her that Phelps was a no-show. The emailer also described the services for Tim. Read it all here.

Chris at Lucky Dawg News posted about this story and added his ideas on how to stop Phelps in the future. Someone has to take action, and Chris is doing just that. Read his post here. (scroll)

It was great news that Phelps didn't show at Tim's funeral, saving all who attended the pain of his brand of protest. However, Phelps is still out there, still planning to attend other funerals, and still planning to cause as much pain and suffering to our military families as he can.

Phelps, for his actions, will have front row, reserved seating in hell--down close to the fire--and the sooner he gets to take his seat, the better.

To everyone who posted about Tim and emailed me with offers of help--Thank you. You're good folks, bless all of you.

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