Friday, November 04, 2005


You can almost see the Golden Gate Bridge from downtown Sacramento now. The Sac city council decided to join San Francisco, Chicago and most towns (dozens) in Vermont by passing a resolution calling for our troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. Chicago? What's up with that, John Ruberry?

The resolution passed 8-1. Robbie Waters, the former Sac County Sheriff, was the lone voice of opposition:

"Councilman Robbie Waters, on the other hand, said the City Council had little business taking an official stance on an issue largely beyond its control.
"This is a matter best left to our elected officials in Washington, D.C.," Waters said."

The timing of this resolution is poor, at best, with the holidays soon approaching. It's another slap in the face for our troops in harm's way, because the resolution's reasoning, for the most part, says we're losing the war and we aren't willing to pay the price.

Move America Forward, which is based here in Sacramento, has started a radio campaign geared toward the support of our troops. One of the spots is aimed squarely at the Sacramento City Council. That spot will be broadcast here locally, but you can hear it along with the other spots by clicking on the list below. In addition, the MAF link will give you the contact info for each council member.


Sac City Council Spot

2nd spot......3rd spot.

It's late 2005, do you know what your city council's up to??

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