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Well, lately, Andrea seems to be everywhere. This Sunday, though, you won't find Andrea doing her regular Sunday night show from Orlando on WDBO, but she will be in Orlando. WDBO will be running a "best of" during her regular time slot at 9 PM ET.

First, late this afternoon, Andrea will be dining with Sean Hannity. Not bad. Then, not long after dinner, Andrea will be taking her seat in the audience to watch the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate, which is being held in Orlando tonight and sponsored by FoxNews.

Andrea is an invited guest of Duncan Hunter's presidential campaign.

Andrea's press credentials are top-notch and allow her total access to the facilities, so don't be surprised if she lands a great interview or ends-up being interviewed herself.

At any rate, she'll be working the crowd--I'll be in direct contact with her in case something "special" develops. If it does, I'll post it here immediately along with any updates from Andrea. Trust me, I'll be getting some updates, so check back before the debate begins.




2 PM ET: Andrea and I just finished organizing for the debate proceedings. She'll be on the road to Orlando within the hour. Andrea sends her thanks to John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit for his post. (if you post about Andrea, let us know in the comments--thx)

3 PM: Andrea just called in from the road. She's on her way. Duncan Hunter's rep made contact and will be waiting with her VIP Press Pass when she arrives.

4:05 PM : She just arrived at the Orange County Convention Center, parked the car. She's now on the bus heading over to the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort where Duncan Hunter's Rep, Dennis, is waiting for her. Andrea says the only piece of political advertising is for Duncan Hunter, located at the entrance. Lots of buses, lots of people.

4:35 : Dennis McCarthy, Duncan Hunter's Florida State Director, gave Andrea her press pass. She says he was just wonderful. (very, very helpful) Now, Andrea's at the restaurant, just shook hands with Sean Hannity. Sean's working the room signing autographs,etc. 4 tables with seating for 6 at each...Andrea's seated with Sean. Some of the others attending are marketing execs with WDBO...the majority of people were invited guests from a previous gathering that Sean had to cancel last minute because he secretly traveled to Iraq, so he's making it up to them with this dinner...Andrea was just enlisted by someone to take pictures...dinner menu coming...

4:55: Ok, Sean had to leave to do a taping for the pre debate show, so it looks like he won't be there for the actual dinner...Dinner: Insalata...Caesar Salad...Penne Pasta...Shrimp...Chicken, Snapper, or Fillet are offered as the entree. Dolce is the dessert offering...All of this fine food is provided by the Cala Bella Restaurant. Andrea is now seated for dinner...(rumor has it...I have an autograph--hey hey)...

6 PM: Pre debate show beginning on Fox. Actually, I think this is a Pre, Pre debate show with Chris Wallace.

7:05: Dinner was very nice. Andrea's program director asked Sean who he thought would be the republican nominee...Sean said definitely it would be either Rudy, Mitt, or Thompson. He thinks eventually they'll get together and agree on who, then fight it out for the VP slot...

...continuing from the dinner area, she made her way to the Media Control Center--I'm on the phone with her as this happens--describes the room as huge, lots of tables, lots of reporters sitting with she's going to areas she's not supposed to be...opens a door and Juan Williams is on the other side with Jeff Birnbaum and Mike Majchrowic (sp). Andrea explains she's live-blogging the event...Juan says ok...then they talk about his book and he thanks her for asking and says it's doing very well...Andrea grabs her camera and gets a pic with them...they are very busy but most accommodating to she's talking with Mara Liasson... the phone now...she's going to work the room some more before going to her seat...everyone must get rid off their cell phones, cameras and purses before being seated--a pain. Will call back in a minute for her last update before the debate.

7:25: Andrea just met a co-anchor she worked with yrs ago...Scott Harris...ushers are strict about being seated on time, so some U. of Florida gals said they would watch her things while she's in the auditorium...lucky break update after the debate is can feel the energy through the's electric... last thing: from the candidates' perspective on stage, Andrea will be seated 2 rows back on the right...

7:45: Because of Andrea's press credential, she was able to bring her cell phone...but not allowed to use, we're on the phone anyway...sitting directly in front of Andrea is Mrs Romney...a few seats down from her, Mrs to her, Lindsey Graham...Mel Martinez' brother and sister-in-law are the end of Andrea's row is Jeri Thompson...behind her, Florida's AG...couldn't get his name because they're introducing the candidates on stage...very noisy... is being given 3 minute warning...Andrea is using her headset so no one knows she's on the phone with me...8 PM...Brit is on now...too cool...had to hang up for now.

***My note...Fred is starting strong...but the big question so far...will Mitt be able to fix that clump of hair that's out of place? Andrea said he just reached up and fixed it while off camera.

9:35: End of debate...Andrea making her way back to the media center...huge throngs of people moving to the stage...lost the cell signal...brb

9:45: Now in the media center, moving towards the Hannity and Colmes set...Alan's having his make-up done...Fred's making his way to the set...

9:47: Andrea just behind Hannity and on live for about 10 talking with Bill Crystal...

9: 50: Talking with Duncan Hunter....thanked him for the invitation...said his wife wasn't able to make it tonight because she has the grandkids...Now talking with Cong. Feeney...telling him how upset she is over his support of the SCHIP...he's trying to explain...he's really taking his time with this because Andrea had contacted him thru his office re SCHIP...(this is live while we're on the phone--talk about a front row seat...)

10:00: Cong. Feeney still waiting for John McCain...hang on...still waiting for McCain...there's Ron Paul...applause for McCain from the crowd...Andrea's going to take a break for a few...taking many heading for the exit for the drive home...

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