Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Some quick pics from the Sacramento Tea Party. The turnout was bigger than anyone dreamed possible on a work day. More later. Nap for me.


Ok, it's Friday and I'm awake now. The MSM is playing down attendance to the Tea Parties, organizers may be overstating as well. No matter, though, the turnout was massive. Here in Sacramento I would say it's safe to say over 5,000 attended. Michelle Malkin explains the attendance question and what it means.

Reports from coast-to-coast with lots of linkage:

Marathon Pundit in Chicago--where it all started.
Melanie Morgan in the SF Bay area.
Atlas Shrugs in New York City.
CJ Grisham in Huntsville, Alabama.
Make sure you hit their home pages too--lots more coverage there.

TWD with Lloyd Marcus (photo by Mary Marcus)

Teens making their views known.

TWD with "Doc" Bowen. He's a veteran of Iwo Jima. (photo by Mary Marcus)

TWD with two lovely "extremist" ladies.

Just had to have a pic with an Infidel.

TWD with yet another "radical right-wing extremist"--probably one of those militia types.

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