Thursday, April 01, 2010


Day five of Tea Party Express III brought the crew to the state of Colorado. Rallies were held in Grand Junction and Denver, where big crowds of American patriots were on hand to greet the buses as they pulled in. Andrea has a report with lots of pictures at Radio Patriot. Pictured below is the Denver crowd, and they brought a few signs with them.

TODAY--Day 6--takes TPX III to North Platte, Nebraska at 10:00 AM, then on to Omaha for a 5:00 PM rally. Be sure to check the tour's schedule for upcoming rallies, latest news, and TPX TV. You can watch the rallies from start to finish with TPX TV--don't miss this opportunity. As a bonus, Marathon Pundit adds to the Tea Party experience by taking us back in history. Thanks, John! (Btw, Marathon Pundit will be attending TPX III when it arrives in Rockford, Illinois.)

Later today at 9 PM ET, The Andrea Shea King Show will cover some of the tour news, bringing Andrea on for a "live" report from Nebraska. Below, Thirdwavedave staying in contact with Andrea aboard the Blue Bus.

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