Monday, October 18, 2010


Day one with the Tea Party Express kicks off with a rally in Reno, Nevada at 10 am with headline speaker Sarah Palin. Later in the day, TPX IV travels to Elko, Nevada for a 5:30 PM rally. Andrea Shea King will be filing reports and sending pics from the rallies. Check back here or at her site, The Radio Patriot.

TPX TV will provide you with coverage--sign up and tune in for this historic first day event. More coverage and pics to follow later in the day.

*This morning's
Reno paper estimates Palin will draw 2000 people to the TPX event. We'll see how accurate their prediction is.

UPDATE: Andrea Shea King reports that TPX IV TV coverage is being switched to's site. The video feed works very well too. Other news just in from the Reno rally: Sarah Palin just arrived. All buses have been emptied for security sweeps and Palin's green room will be the Red Bus. Andrea Shea King is assigned to the Blue Bus, also known as the Reagan Bus. The media is thick, lots of cameras and reporters. Expect the same at each rally--they're watching.

Earlier this morning, Amy Kremer, Chairman of the TPX, was interviewed on the FNC by Carl Cameron. Amy showed why she's rated as the most influential in the Tea Party movement. Sal Russo, chief strategist, was just being interviewed prior to Palin's speech. Andrea says security is very tight with Palin on the scene. However, security did allow Andrea in close for some great pics. Will post them later today.

UPDATE II: Pics just arrived from Reno--Andrea was cleared through security for a picture with Sarah Palin. More pics later as they come in.


The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW will have nightly coverage of TPXIV events at 9 PM ET.


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