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DAY TWO of TPX IV ended on a successful note with rallies in Ely and Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas venue was packed--Tour Embed Andrea Shea King has a round-up at The Radio Patriot, featuring a slide show capturing the scenes in both Ely and Las Vegas. Note: The Las Vegas Sun is again running a front page piece on Angle, obviously prompted by the TPX being in town for the night.

ADDITIONAL PRESS: The Tea Party Express is Andrea's lead story in her weekly WorldNetDaily column.

Media note: TPX Chief Strategist Sal Russo just wrapped up an interview on
FNC's America's Newsroom, and as expected Russo was in command of the political realities both here on the tour and with the voting public in general. As Russo stated, "The glass is overflowing."

DAY THREE sets the stage for rallies in
Barstow, Ca--1:30 PM, and then on to Pasadena at the Rose Bowl--6:30 PM. Singer/conservative Pat Boone will be featured. Rumor is that Melanie Morgan will be attending a rally in Southern California. I'll find out more soon. *Morgan confirms via her site that she will be speaking in southern California. **Check the upcoming tour rally schedule.

Lending a helping hand with the tour:
Melanie; Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at makes sure to add email updates from the tour throughout the day--invaluable postings. John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit in Chicago is a busy man but finds the time to help out as well. Visit their sites for not only tour info but other important political happenings around the nation. Things are poppin' all the time.

Attend a rally in your area, bring a friend, family member--make it an event. But if you can't make it, just hit and you can view the rally via their tv remote. It's free, no sign-up, just click!

UPDATES: As Andrea Shea King files reports from the Red Bus, I will update below.

*UPDATE I: Via Lloyd Marcus onboard the entertainer bus--the NAACP is reporting links between the Tea Party movement leaders and racism--READ the story here.

Other NAACP/MEDIA MATTERS' hit pieces are here, here, and here.

**UPDATE II: Barstow, Ca., rally coverage at The Radio Patriot--slide show.

THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW will broadcast "live" from TPX IV nightly at 9 PM ET.


A word from Selena Owens and Gold Star Mom, Debbie Lee:

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