Monday, January 02, 2012


My day will be interrupted by a visit to the dentist. To put a finer point on the whole affair, I'm having a tooth extracted. I think that means he's going to pull it.

My oncologist informed me that all holes in my body that are not standard equipment must be filled, plugged or otherwise. Otherwise, in this case, means extraction. It has something to do with keeping the possibility of infection at a safe distance, and since a crown recently took a hike on me, extraction is the best and fastest option.

I have a short amount of time before the man with the pliers takes hold of my molar and begins the dental tug-o-war. I'm rootin' for the molar but odds out of Vegas say it has little chance of winning this one.

Speakin' of odds, I'm postin' the line on Alan Colmes having to make an apology of some sort (to Santorum) at 60-40 for the event taking place. Andrea Shea King at The Radio Patriot reports (and what a good reporter she is) on the dust up btwn Rich Lowry and Colmes on Fawks News earlier this morning. As ASK states, Colmes should be fired--a no-brainer call on Ailes' part. Read what Colmes had to say about Rick Santorum during a late Monday morning interview at the above link. Again, Colmes should be fired. Period. Next case.

Moving on down the list of posts, I see ASK has a post titled "Never Surrender." This is an important post--especially for women--and one I'm very familiar with. I expect to discuss this topic again in the near future. We've talked about it and ASK understands the concept and is being proactive about it. On the other hand, few in today's society have a basic understanding of the dynamic and what to do when confronted with a life-threatening situation. Reading ASK's post could very easily be the reason you're alive next week or next month.

If you choose to be a victim, then you'll be dead in short order.

Ok, in just minutes I'm headed to my dentist's office. Check you guys on the return trip...


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