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Veteran TPX embed Andrea Shea King reports that the Tea Party Express team loaded onto the bus and headed for their first tour stop in Jacksonville. JC Watts was the featured speaker. More info about each of the rallies will be posted as the day moves forward. It's early still and of course internet connections can be a challenge while on the road. Today is no different.

After Jacksonville, the TPX tour stops in Winter Park--1:30 PM, then on the road to West Palm Beach for a 7 PM rally.

A big Thank You goes out to Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at the NoisyRoom Blog and John Ruberry in the Greater ChicagoLand area at Marathon Pundit for lending a helping hand yesterday. It was last minute and we do appreciate all the help.

From Jacksonville, (below) JC Watts speaking on behalf of Newt Gingrich; Watts with Andrea Shea King and Lloyd Marcus. More reporting from Andrea at The Radio Patriot.

And this just in from Andrea.

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA RALLY: Pictured on stage is Matt Staver of Liberty Council; and Patricia Sullivan of Lake County Tea Party(no link yet). Also, Lloyd Marcus has a piece over at American Thinker. Next rally stop will be West Palm Beach at 7 PM ET. Stay tuned.

Boston Herald pic of Newt back in '94 tossing tea crates into a river. That story and Mitt Romney's comments against Newt and Tea Party from last week. Link from Amy Kremer.

**THIS JUST IN** The TPX Florida tour was on its way to the West Palm Beach rally when a strange noise was heard by all on board. Below is singer-song writer, author and part-time touring bus mechanic, Lloyd Marcus, estimating the cost of repairs. Ouch!! *UPDATE from Andrea: Fixed and back on the road to West Palm Beach.

Because of the delay leaving Winter Park--see pic above--TPX arrived in West Palm Beach later than scheduled. The rally is in full swing now but the lighting isn't the best for good pic taking so there won't be any from this event. Just know it's going well, crowd is good--lots of speakers taking the stage. See everybody Sunday!

UPDATE: How things change. Tour Embed Andrea Shea King just reported in that Newt Gingrich has arrived at the West Palm Beach rally--a surprise! He's speaking now and I think Andrea will be getting a picture as well. I'll have more in the morning or you can check over at The Radio Patriot, Andrea's blog.

We got lucky... Andrea forwarded to me a pic of her and Newt at the West Palm Beach TPX Rally. Great job!!


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