Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Tea Party Express--"Restoring the American Dream" tour will begin rolling Friday, April 27, out of Pittsburgh, Pa.  The tour will go on for 11 days, ending in Texarkana, Tx, on Monday, May 7.  

The math here is simple: these Tea Party Express tours are extremely effective, necessary, and very, very expensive.  Not going to tell you a bunch of crap to get you to contribute.  But I will remind you of this:

The Left has more money than us; they also have most of the mainstream media apparatus sitting around waiting for their marching orders.

We don't have this or anything close to it.  What we do have, is "We the People," which, by most standards, is the Tea Party Express and the Tea Party movement, in general.  

Few people truly understand the dynamics of The Tea Party Express and the Tea Party movement--historians and political scientists will explain it later in terms none of us will understand.  I'm very close to this process and still have trouble understanding how we are so victorious against such long odds.

I do, however, know this: these Tea Party Express tours wouldn't have been victorious nor influential in one single race if not for one thing:  "We the People." They came through when the chips were down.  The progressives, and some republicans (RINOs), are still wondering what happened to them in 2010.  I'm confident that same feeling will be felt across this nation come November 2012... because the moment of truth is again upon us.  Generations past, and generations yet to be, are counting on "We the People."

So, if you feel the Tea Party Express is a worthwhile effort, then by all means contribute to the cause of FREEDOM... and  Contribute generously.  That is all.

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