Friday, April 13, 2012


I wasn't feeling 100% today. Side-effects from meds hit me harder on some days, others I can't even tell I'm on meds. So, I stayed off my feet for a good portion of the day, and in time I felt better but still not 100%.

Later in the evening I decided I'd slip and slide around the Internet to see what's happening. But I didn't really feel like reading anything, mostly in a headline mood. Then I ran into this Victor Davis Hanson piece at iotw that I was not going to read, just scan a bit. But there I was three paragraphs in and couldn't stop. Hanson nailed Obama perfectly by giving us a history of Obama "on script" and Obama "off script." Obama's handlers must cringe when he goes off teleprompter.

I'd forgotten a few of these beauties, but Hanson put it all in perspective, explaining it very well, which made it very interesting since I wasn't 100%. Thank you, VDH. Good job. I feel much better.

For more of Hanson's writings, just hit the link.


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