Monday, February 07, 2005


At half-time, two things were very clear: Philly had a great chance to win the game and McNabb was not on his.

The Pats had to be more than a bit nervous in the locker room at the half tied at 7. They had dodged a bullet in the first half; Philly should've been leading at that point and the Pats knew it.

Philly's coaching staff failed to adjust in the second when it was crystal clear McNabb's passing was not good, not even close. The defense was too tight on his receiving corps and McNabb was trying to thread the needle too much. Other times, his passes were "ally oops" or he just threw the ball to the other team. This called for running the ball more so that the passing game could open up more for passes when they needed one.

Toward the end of the game, when Philly was in position to win it, or at least take it to OT, the coaches took them out of the game completely by mismanaging the clock and not going to the "no huddle" sooner. Their choice of passing plays were horrendous as well by not going for the sidelines to shut the clock off.

McNabb was trying to do too much the whole game, trying to make a big play on every down, when he should've relaxed and took his time, maybe throwing the ball away when coverage was tight. The coaches never adjusted.

This was Philly's game, they were in it the whole time and the coaches handed the game to the Pats and that was it. Game over.

Until next season.

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