Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The Nabob of the Northeast has yet to find the time to sign SF 180 and release his records as promised to Tim Russert 100 days ago. In my opinion, Russert is now in a position to lose credibility if he doesn't put pressure on Kerry to make good on his promise.

What's up with all the "child killings" in the media? It seems that there's a new case featured on the tube each week. A reality show I'd rather not watch. Are cases of this sort on the rise, or does it just seem like it with all the attention from tv? One good thing about this is attention is being focused on judges and sentencing guidelines.

A post at Instapundit deals with news stories that aren't getting enough play. I agree with the GM story. When it came out I thought it was huge, and then nothing. I found that odd.

Dakota Pundit is back in town. She and her husband may have flown the only airline in aviation history to rush its passengers into "the silver tube of death," as she describes it, so the flight could leave EARLY. Yes, I said EARLY.

Paul at Shadow of Diogenes has developed a new word. It's a good and useful word that will no doubt end up in the dictionary some day. We need more word-crafters.

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