Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Those on the "left" rarely admit when one of their own is in the wrong, even when it's obvious. But I like to think those of us on the "right" are more willing to sound-off when one of ours goes astray.

Rep. Cunningham, a republican from California, has clearly gone astray, using his elected office as his personal ATM machine. Admitting to have taken bribes has him looking at 10 years in the big house--I hope the judge gives him the maximum when he/she passes sentence.

Cunningham has not only destroyed his life, and that of his family, he's most certainly lost a seat in the House to the democrats. Thanks, asshole.

One statement in the San Diego Union-Tribune story looms large:

"Lam said the investigation will continue, but declined to comment about whether others would be charged in the case."

Trust me, this story isn't finished, yet; others will be following Cunningham to the slammer. I hope they all share the same cell.

Bush comments here.

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