Sunday, January 29, 2006


Watching the democrats the last two weeks has been like going to a public hanging. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, another democrat would step to the gallows, slip the noose on, and dangle along with the others. Amazing.

I'm speaking mainly of the Alito hearings, but aside from that debacle, several items haven't gone their way in recent times. Roberts became Chief Justice; Alito is all but on the court; Canada slides to the right with Harper being elected; Air America is trailing smoke and lookin' for a place to crash; Code Pink lost its corner at Walter Reed. And, it could get worse.

Bush has a good chance of nominating yet another justice to the court since Stevens is 86 years old. This just scares the hell out of the democrats. Can you imagine the antics we'll see on tv if this comes to pass?

I'm sure the thought of Bush getting another bite at the SCOTUS apple keeps many of our left-leaning Senators awake at night, but I'm bettin' that's not the only issue keeping them up.

There's this little matter of the '06 election, specifically the race for governor. Blackwell, Steele, and Swann. As in, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. How will Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP fight against these fellows. Not only are they black, they're republicans. How will they explain this to their base? They might go with the "Uncle Tom" theme with Blackwell and Steele, however, I don't think you can touch Lynn Swann. The guy's golden, and his appeal crosses racial lines. What's more, Ohio and Pennsylvania are in play during the presidential elections. Oh, the humanity!

As I see it, the MSM is the only thing the democrats have going for them. Hey, it's something.

The polls say Swann is even with or slightly ahead of his opponent. Being that he isn't a politician, this is tremendous news. Take a look at one of Swann's tv spots here.

Swann has four Super Bowl rings and his team is in the big show again this year. Does it get any sweeter?

Say goodnight, Ted.

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