Sunday, March 19, 2006


A couple posts down I mentioned how the Georgia State Senate attempted to pass a resolution honoring "Hanoi Jane" "Baghdad Jane" "Fonda Cong" (chose one) for her "good works" in the Atlanta area, but later had to drop the whole thing after it was challenged by Sen. John Douglas.

The latest NewsMax article explains how the resolution was quietly slipped into a stack of legislation, but caught the attention of Douglas at the last minute. The article details what happened from there and why Douglas stood up and opposed the resolution.

I think the last Douglas statement in the article sums up it the best:

"I've disliked this woman since I was in high school when this was going on and I've waited a long time to have my say and now it's finally happened," Douglas told NewsMax.

Sen. Douglas is one great American Patriot. I emailed him and told him so; I hope you take the time to do so, as well. Friend of this blog, Chris, at Lucky Dawg News, has not only blogged about "Fonda Cong," he's been on the street protesting her when she arrived in his town for a book signing. Have a look here.

Never forget.

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