Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Thirty years ago, the history of the world was nearly diverted to parts unknown.

I remember the day well.
At the time, we were just recovering from our four year hangover brought on by a near-fatal dose of "malaise," but with Ronald Reagan in the White House, we were on the road to a speedy recovery and couldn't be happier.

After delivering a speech at a Washington Hotel, Reagan was exiting the building when John Hinckley fired a volley of shots in Reagan's direction, hitting him once and seriously wounding him. Reagan was rushed to a nearby hospital, Hinckley was taken into custody.

But Reagan, 70 at the time and only in office for 69 days, was tough as nails. The president recovered, and went on to change the lives of not only all Americans but the lives of millions worldwide.

"The president had appeared from the hotel smiling and walked towards his limousine turning momentarily to acknowledge calls from the waiting press."

"A burst of gunfire was then heard before the president was bundled into a bullet proof limousine and whisked away."

At the hospital--
3:24 p.m:

"Reagan was wheeled into the operating room. He had lost about 2,100 cc of blood, but his bleeding had slowed and he had received 4 1/2 replacement units. As he was moved from the stretcher to the operating table, he looked around and said, 'Please tell me you're all Republicans.' Giordano, a liberal Democrat, said, "We're all Republicans today."

The attempt on Reagan's life brought back memories:

"The assassination attempt has sent shock waves around the country where memories of the murder of president John F Kennedy remain vivid."

From Sam Donaldson's perspective:

Rare footage:

When you think of America's greatness, you will always think of Ronald Reagan.

John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit remembers. Ruberry has other links to Tampico, Illinois--Reagan's birthplace.

Ronald Reagan Memorial.


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