Monday, July 17, 2006


The only problem with STS 121's landing this morning was me trying to stay awake. I snoozed through the whole event. Apparently, the re-entry process was flawless, with the exception of some cloud build-up in the area of KSC. But, in the end, this didn't bother flight controllers. Kudos to the crew and NASA.

In other positive aviation news, Boeing's Dreamliner is jumping ahead of Airbus' A-380 Superjumbo jet in customer orders. This is great news for Boeing and not really that surprising, since the Dreamliner's practical sizing will allow it to service more markets.

The A-380, on the other hand, is so big that it can't land at many airports without the facilities being refitted to accommodate the behemoth. As potential buyers of the A-380 look to the future of passenger service, they are looking to Boeing.

Boeing is a better product, always has been, and always will be. Try as they may, the French will never compete on the same level with an American company. Concorde, anyone?

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