Sunday, July 09, 2006


The Patriot Guard Riders is a grassroots organization dedicated to honoring our fallen military men and women. PGR will attend military funerals at the request of the families, and they will assist in shielding the family from any group (Fred Phelps) that's there to protest the ceremony.

PGR is made up mainly of motorcycle riders but membership into the organization is open to anyone, and it's free. I encourage you to see their site and to join them in support of our fallen heros.

On tonight's show, Andrea Shea-King will be interviewing PGR's National Director (PR), Kurt "VenturaCowboy" Mayer along with PGR's Florida State Ride Captain, Clayton Murphy. Tune in tonight and learn more about this growing, patriotic organization.

The Andrea Shea-King Show can be heard live via the web from 9-11 PM EST on WDBO 580 AM. Join her live in-show chatroom (upper right) and chat with other listeners as well as Andrea and her producer, Mark Vance. You can call the show toll free at: 1-800-329-5858

Attending funerals is only one aspect of PGR. They also organize "Welcome Home" rallies at airports when members of our military come home on leave. If you become a member of PGR, they will alert you to all planned activities in your area. Remember, "Freedom isn't free, but membership is."--Join today!!

PGR mission on 5-13-2006 in Little Ferry, NJ, to honor and respect SGT Matthew J. Fenton.

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