Friday, December 22, 2006


The Space Shuttle's first landing opportunity will be at 3:56 PM EST. Because of weather problems, they have 3 potential sites available: KSC, White Sands, and Edwards AFB.

Weather at the KSC is turning bad, so I doubt this will be the one. Edwards AFB is experiencing high winds. White Sands is clear but this is NASA's least favorite site. However, they will put down there if it's the only good site.

If you don't have NASA tv on your cable, you can watch it "live" on the internet. The coverage is great. NASA TV "live feed."

***UPDATE: The first re-entry has been "waived off." The next opportunity for de-orbit burn will be at 4:19 PM EST. It now looks like the KSC is out of the question.

***UPDATE: De-orbit burn has taken place. Weather at the KSC improved and they are headed there now.

***UPDATE: Perfect landing!!!

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