Friday, March 16, 2007


The Lockheed C-141 StarLifter "Hanoi Taxi," tail number 60177, has been flying for the Air Force since the early 1960s, but the old girl has seen her last days in the air and has been retired to the museum circuit for future generations to see.

The Gunny did a fabulous segment about the StarLifter on the season opener of Mail Call. It was a touching tribute to a fine aircraft. A great history lesson, too.

So, this is my little tribute to the StarLifter and to all the flight crews who ever flew her, especially LTC Buzz Patterson. Buzz has 4000 hours in the 'Lifter, taking her to 69 different he's been just about everywhere.

UPDATE: I found some of the footage The Gunny used on Mail Call. It's of 60177's last flight before going to the museum. There was a ceremony that included many of the original POWs who were brought back home from Hanoi in '73. Then, for old time sake, they loaded the former POWs into 60177 for one last flight while their families watched from the tarmac. The "Hanoi Taxi" ended its final flight with a smooth landing, rolled up to the hanger and off loaded the men to their families, just as she did back in '73 at Clark AFB. Video--Well done, good and faithful servant.

StarLifter Heaven

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