Thursday, March 29, 2007


John McCain (D-Arizona) was in Florida recently giving a talk at a retirement home. After his talk, he took questions from the group, and the first question was about Jane Fonda. From the article:

"We all know you're a man of honor and integrity and there's one thing that's always disturbed me and that is the fact that you have avoided the traitorous activities of Jane Fonda," said Jim Woolbright, 75, a retired Air Force colonel who served in the Korean War.

As the crowd murmured, McCain began the answer with a quick joke about Fonda, who has attended recent Iraq war protests.

"I don't know if you've noticed, but she's re-emerged," the Arizona senator said before turning serious. "To give visibility to someone - anyone - in America who did some of the things that they did is not dignified, in a way. I think the American people have made a judgment."

It's not that he's forgotten Fonda. He made a reference to her at a Vero Beach town hall meeting earlier this month, saying he recalled his captors constantly piping music into his cell and he sometimes recognized the voice of one of his favorite actresses.

"There was anger then, but, you know, you can't waste your time being angry at somebody who obviously, in my view, was very immature. You've got to get over these things and move on," McCain said after Wednesday's meeting, adding that he reconciled with most of the anti-war movement. "It's best to move on. You can't look back in anger in life. It's too short."

The man who started the "Straight Talk Express" appears to have gone over to the "Soft Talk Express." I could understand McCain's attitude toward Fonda Cong had she just slipped away after Viet Nam to never be heard from again. But the truth is, she's back attacking this nation, the war effort, and doing what she does best: emboldening our enemies. General Giap would be proud of Fonda's efforts via "America's livingroom."

McCain may feel "it's best to move on" because life's just too short, however, many of us don't feel that way. Voters, that is. After all, he thinks "Americans have made a judgement." Yes, senator, we have but we'd like to hear from you about the treasonous Fonda Cong. And not, let's "move on."

Patriotic Americans will never forget what Fonda did in the past, or what she's trying to do today as she re-emerges onto the anti-war scene. The children of VN vets will not forget, either--they vote, too. We expect more out of McCain when it comes to people like Jane Fonda.

Americans, today, are looking for leadership--straight talkers, if you will. McCain, though he's a hero, doesn't fill-the-bill.

44th president of the United States? Think again.

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