Thursday, July 05, 2007


Suspected illegal alien, Juan Villa, has been in jail at least 11 times--soon it will be an even dozen. Just hours after being released on bond, Juan is suspected of raping a 15 year old girl. He's still at large.

The article says he's been arrested 11 times but they only "suspect" him of being here illegally. How can that be? You'd think I.C.E. would be able to determine his status during his many trips through our court system. However, I think this statement tells us why they're not sure about him:

"Villa is suspected of being in the country illegally and George said the department had contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement about him before he was released from jail but the federal agents said they would deal with him later"

Yes, let's "deal" with him later because he doesn't seem to be posing a risk to anyone. It's obvious that the legal system in Tennessee as well as the Feds are doing nothing to solve this crisis. Voters, soon, will be forcing officials to do their jobs. Speaking of that, it appears that Arizona is taking the matter seriously. Let's hope the other 49 states follow suit. John McCain, you there?

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