Sunday, October 28, 2007


No more "best of" shows--Andrea goes "live" tonight from Orlando. Andrea Shea-King has returned to her Orlando studios after being on-the-road attending the Conservative Leadership Conference in Reno as well as the Republican National Debate in Orlando last weekend--a guest of Duncan Hunter's presidential campaign.

Tonight, Andrea has a full dance card--4 interviews. Special mention: Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee will be with us discussing the whole Scott Thomas Beauchamp debacle. Should be very interesting.

Show starts at 9 PM ET, streamed LIVE via the internet. All the linkage you'll need is located at Andrea's blog, THE RADIO PATRIOT. (show and chat room links at the bottom)

SIDE NOTE: Now that he's gone, Gerald Ford's impressions and recollections of Bill Clinton's sex scandal are part of a new book. Hillary's included too. In the midst of the scandal, Clinton called Ford to ask for his help. Interesting revelations.

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