Monday, January 07, 2008


Someday, when they get around to writing the history of the 2008 election cycle, expect to see the events of this past week receiving a footnote, possibly its own chapter. Politically speaking, it was a busy, historic week. And as the year moves forward it could become even more historic.

Iowa brought defeat to the campaigns of Romney and Her Royal Pantsuit, and just for fun, we had a dose of controversy added to the mix when ABC and FOX decided to circumvent our electoral process by not allowing certain candidates to debate.
But, politicians sometimes have setbacks and the media getting in the way is nothing new, either.

So, what happened last week that would earn an entry into our history books? It appears that last week was the beginning of "The Post-Clinton Years". The trends are starting to develop, especially in New Hampshire. Third was the best Hillary could manage in Iowa, and it appears, at least according to the polls, that she'll have her ass handed to her in NH. (enter your prayer here)

Obama's popularity has gone to afterburners without him doing anything special. He's just himself and the folks on the left seem to love him. Bless their hearts. If Hillary loses in NH, it could signal the onslaught of a painful, sickening, political death. Take a moment to embrace that last thought.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Hillary owned it all: the polls, media coverage, and more money than she could spend, with the prospects of boatloads more on the way.

Some, however, will say it's way too early to write her obit. After all, she's a Clinton. I don't think it's too early, and some of the pundits on the left seem to think so as well.

With Hillary defeated, the end of the Clinton Dynasty will be upon us. A dynasty that began at 12 noon on January 20, 1993, and with it came more corruption and shame than we care to remember. Soon, that will end. more Bill, and, with the exception of her senate job, no more Hillary. If she loses--and she will--I predict she'll resign her senate seat before the end of her term. After all, she wasn't there to serve the Nation, she was there to win the White House. No real reason to stay on.

While driving through "The Post-Clinton Years", be sure to drive safely, enjoy life, your families, and be most proud and supportive of this Nation, its military, and everything they stand for.

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