Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ever heard of Betsy Newmark? Well, if you have it's probably because of her blog, Betsy's Page. It's one of the more trafficked sites on the internet, and for good reason: she educates us.

This week, Andrea Shea-King focuses on what's NOT being taught to our children today, and she uses Newmark to begin her VOICE OF LIBERTY PODCAST. Last year, Newmark posted about the lack of military history being taught in schools, and since Newmark is a teacher, she would know. What's more, she's not afraid to write about it on her blog.

Ever heard of Norma Gabler? I doubt it. Andrea makes mention of Gabler because, like Newmark, she, too, influences how and what our children are taught. Gabler was just a housewife from Texas and, beginning in the early 60s, decided that she was going to have a say in what was printed in our school's textbooks. And from her kitchen table, along with her husband, she had her say--all across the Nation. Norma Gabler passed away last year and you can learn about her decades long fight here.

We could use a few more Newmarks and Gablers, that's for sure. Thanks for all you do, Betsy.

Andrea blogs at The Radio Patriot.

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