Saturday, May 24, 2008


From Melanie Morgan:

"Have you ever walked through an airport and seen a soldier? Have you ever felt awkward about reaching out to them and saying THANK-YOU?

As we enter this long Memorial Day Holiday, designed to honor the men and women who have laid down their lives for this great country of ours, please watch this short video.

Airport, grocery store, gas station...there was a time when I felt awkward about going up to a service member or an old guy wearing a hat indicating he's a vet from a war long since past. But nowadays, I just go right up to them as if I know them, shake their hand and say "thanks for your service." They truly do appreciate the acknowledgement, and it always leads to a great conversation.

I'm ok walking up to someone I don't know and thanking them. But not every one's comfortable with that approach. And let's face it, sometimes things work out so that you just don't have time. Whatever the case, Melanie will introduce you to an alternative method, and one our GIs will appreciate just as much.

Go over to Melanie's and read about "Operation Gratitude."--SOMETIMES IT'S THE SIMPLEST THINGS THAT MEAN THE MOST. Watch the video--Pass it along to others, too.

I've decided to attach the above Memorial Day cartoon to each post this weekend. No other single-frame cartoon could possibly say more about the cost of freedom. (click to enlarge)

This weekend there will be many posts about Memorial Day. Andrea Shea-King--The Radio Patriot--has posted hers early, and it's a great one. Speaking of great, check out Col. Broome's photo at the top of her post. Too cool, I'd say.

In the post, she introduces you to Pentagon Chaplain Col. William "Whiz" Broome, Mary Lou Wade, and Mary Lou's brother, Capt. Herbert Crosby. Andrea provides links in this post that will explain the decades old story these people all share a part in. Last year, this story was finally provided with an ending; an ending in which Andrea was a participant. It is an amazing story--a story that I'm sure one day will be told in a book or movie.

Andrea includes that she'll be emceeing a special Memorial Day observance held in her area. An honor, to say the least. Also, on a personal note, she announces that this Sunday night's show at WDBO--The Andrea Shea-King Show--will be her last. More details can be found at Andrea's Post--MEMORIAL DAY-FOR THOSE WHO PURCHASED OUR FREEDOM.

***Now, in addition to the posts by Melanie and Andrea, I'd like to introduce, or re-introduce, you to what I think is the best patriotic video made to date. There's many of them out there but this is my favorite. Period. If you're interested in the lyrics, they're posted here.

A little trivia: When the man behind the counter turns to place the flag on the shelf, the camera pans to the right and you see a photo of a young man in uniform. The young man pictured is Fred Ferguson--MOH recipient. Ferguson is also the man behind the counter. I originally found this video at this site.


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