Tuesday, August 19, 2008


When Dr. Jerome Corsi's newest book THE OBAMA NATION hit the shelves recently, did you see what happened? If you didn't, don't feel bad because you weren't alone. In the opening passages of Andrea Shea King's WorldNetDaily article, she explains what took place, and why:

Socialist and community
activist Saul Alinksy taught organizers to ridicule opponents when the arguments of their opponents could not be refuted by logic, evidence or argument. He advocated denying the truth or just plain lying. In Alinksy's world, the end always justified the means.

Alinsky's acolytes on the left have learned the lesson well. Because they dare not address the questions raised, they attack the one asking the questions.

Supporters of Barack Obama are in paroxysms over Jerome R. Corsi's best-seller "The Obama Nation," attacking the 304-page book and its author on minor details contained within its pages, while deliberately ignoring and obfuscating the larger points Corsi makes about Obama's questionable alliances, practices and qualifications for president.

If you understand Saul Alinsky's tactics, then you'll understand why Obama supporters immediately went to the airwaves to change the focus from the content of Corsi's book to that of Corsi's credibility, and the supposed "falsehoods" within the book.

If people like Bob Beckel really believed Corsi's book was full of lies and distortions, then he would've gladly pointed them out on national tv with the proper documentation. But he didn't. In fact, during his debate with Corsi on Fox and Friends, Beckel admitted he hadn't even read the book--see video. That should tell you something.

When it comes to doing interviews, Dr. Corsi is most generous with his time. But as one well-intentioned interviewer learned recently, when you fall for the Alinsky strategy, change focus from content to the attack controversy, Corsi will eventually draw the line.

Why? Because it's a waste of time--we all know what Media Matters and George Soros are all about. No news there. Don't be suckered--stay focused and let's keep Obama right where he belongs: on the south side of Chicago.

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