Tuesday, November 04, 2008


For me, voting in Folsom is very easy. My polling station is right across the street. Earlier in the day I took a look over there and the parking lot appeared full, so I waited until it thinned out a bit to make my move.

After entering the station, I was greeted by Otis, who pointed me to the correct station for voter sign-in. I'm not sure how long Otis has been working as a volunteer, but I remember him from last year and he does a great job. This particular polling station is always very organized and staffed with the most helpful and friendly volunteers.

At around 2 PM, this station had no lines but had a constant flow of voters arriving. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes.

I was told that Marti, pictured below, is the boss, so she deserves some kudos for the fine job this year. She did, however, have a good crew working for her and they deserve a standing ovation as well. Marti allowed me to take a few pics as long as I had the permission of each voter. I decided not to bother the voters and opted for a couple pics of the crew. (click to enlarge pics)

***UPDATE: Marti informs me in the comment section that she's not the boss. Phil is the Inspector at this station. Thanks for the correction, Marti.

Polling Station Crew: Mike, Amanda, Otis, Marti (the boss, standing), Phil, and on the end, the official ballot scanner, Earl. Btw, Mike gave me his best "looking like I'm doing something important" pose. And he looks like he's doing something important, too. Put yourself in for a raise, Mike!!

Don't forget to tune to the ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW at 9 PM ET. We'll be interviewing two great guests who are now featured on The Mike Huckabee Show on the FNC. We'll be taking calls too. And since it's election night, we'll be discussing the early returns as well as your voting experiences around the Nation.

Show details and linkage are on the post below this one or at Andrea's blog, the Radio Patriot.

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