Monday, December 01, 2008


From the Sacramento Bee:

"Local FBI agents and Muslim American leaders now come together "through friendship and partnership, not eavesdropping," Azeez said. "It's not us against them, and by working together, it's having a profound effect on preventing another 9/11. Prevention's not about phone- tapping and visiting people at 3 a.m., it's about being friends with the community.

"He's the guy with the gun," Azeez said. "If he puts a smile on his face and approaches you humbly, you're going to open up right away."

Now, the imam and the FBI agent plan to travel around California and the nation, to show other communities how to build similar partnerships."

There you have it. Terrorism solved through "friendships"--who knew?

This new approach by the local FBI office is a direct result of the Lodi terror case. That case upset the Muslim community and now the FBI has embarked on a friendship campaign in the hopes of ending the distrust the Muslim leadership has for the local feds.

I'm not sure the Muslim community can be trusted but maybe the FBI knows what it's doing. Is this PC gone wild?

What do you think?

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