Thursday, April 30, 2009


The news out of last night's "staged" presidential presser wasn't so much centered on what Obama had to say but instead on what reporters failed to ask. In these challenging times, Obama should've been peppered with any number of hard-hitting questions, including tough follow-ups. Had there been real reporters in the room last night, Obama would've exited this presser in a sweat. But he didn't. He exited the podium as cool and calm as when he first entered and began reading from his teleprompter.

I waited for one particular question, but the people sitting where the reporters are supposed to be seated, never asked it. I wanted to hear a more detailed explanation regarding the Air Force One photo-op over New York City.

Some feel there's more to this story. In an effort to learn about the inner workings of the White House and the procedures surrounding the use of Air Force One, Andrea interviewed an expert on the subject. Here's a snip:

An Air Force officer who served in the Clinton White House and for two years carried the "nuclear football" briefcase of codes says it's almost certain that the "highest levels" of the Obama administration knew about and approved this week's stunt in which Air Force One buzzed New York City.

Retired Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson served in Clinton's White House from 1996 to 1998 and was responsible for the president's "emergency satchel," the black bag of nuclear codes that accompanies the president at all times.--
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