Monday, June 22, 2009


While exchanging stories with a friend on Sunday, the subject of slavery came up. Not surprising since we were talking about race relations. Now this friend has forgotten more about race relations than I'll ever know or understand. This I know to be true.

It's quite obvious that certain segments of society have been sold a bill-of-goods when it comes to this notion of white guilt, and how today we're supposed to be held accountable for the sins of our forefathers. This is simply ridiculous, not to mention impossible.

At the end of our exchange, my friend said it about as plain as it can be said: "This country will never get over slavery."

As long as we have race hucksters and a willing media to deliver their message, his statement is probably true. A national tragedy, to say the least.

James Lewis at American Thinker discusses the same subject:

"No, I don't think Obama is another OJ Simpson. The two men could not be more different. It's a common marketing strategy that links them. White guilt and that ache for black vindication were a huge part of OJ's celebrity campaign. That's also what got Obama elected over Hillary and then McCain." --continue reading.


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