Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The history of Veterans Day indicates that the day has gone through more than one change over the years. At one time there was even confusion over when it was to be observed. However, our willingness and desire to thank all who have served our great nation has never changed. And it never will. Without our veterans, life today would be quite different. To all who have served, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

This year I'd like to shine the light on one particular veteran.
This vet goes by the name of Lockness. Truly a rare breed, a pioneer for sure. Come February, Lockness will turn 100. What do you get for a 100-year-old vet, anyway? Well, Lockness has a very simple, practical gift in mind, and in February I'm sure it will be enjoyed to the fullest. Thank you for your service, Lockness.

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