Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Day five brings the Tea Party Express III tour to the state of Colorado. 10:00 am in Grand Junction; 4:00 pm in Denver. Remember, if you can't attend one of the rallies in person, do it via your computer.

William and Selena Owens produce Tea Party Express TV, bringing you the whole shootin' match "live" to your computer each and every day. So tell your friends, family, neighbors and strangers on the street: TEA PARTY EXPRESS TV in Colorado today! And check the tour schedule for upcoming events near you.

Tour embed Andrea Shea King has some early morning thoughts on the MSM's attempt at "controlling the narrative" when it comes to the Tea Party movement. This is an opportunity for all bloggers--big and small--to surpass the MSM's coverage of this grassroots, American movement toward smaller, less intrusive government, and one that operates according to OUR constitution.

And what am I doing back here in Northern California? Well, just hangin' out in the woods with my flag, about to head on down the path to Freedom with Tea Party Express III...

**TONIGHT: The Andrea Shea King Show from Colorado--9 pm et.


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