Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This is not the first time Karl Rove has found himself on the spot. He expects to be put on the spot by the left media and their favorite politicians, not by conservatives. Real conservatives.

Rove now finds himself in the soup with real conservatives because of his obvious attacks on Tea Party candidates who have defeated establishment republicans in the primaries. Rove has shown that he is not an objective observer of these races--he's an establishment republican. And it's open season on all things establishment.

As hard as Rove tries to be otherwise, he comes off as the republican version of James Carville but without the constant foaming at the mouth. If Rove was an objective analyst, he would be focusing his analysis on Mike Castle, Murkowski and Charlie Crist for not sucking it up and supporting the winner of their respective primaries. Instead, Rove continually attacks the winners when he should be moving against the losers for not falling in line with their party hierarchy and using their significant resources in defeating the dems.

Rove loves to predict defeats in Delaware, Alaska and Florida, placing the blame on the winners of those primary races. (Well, maybe not so much Florida.) Instead, Rove should be placing blame on the losers who have somehow decided that going rogue is the most effective strategy. And Crist, Castle and Murkowski are NOT rogue politicians in the least--they are machine politicians and always do what it takes to help the primary winners in defeating their dem opponents, or at least they're supposed to. His criticisms should be targeted at them, not O'Donnell, Miller and Rubio. And if Rove did that, he'd be forced to look squarely into the eyes of the RNC and Michael Steele for allowing this to happen and take them to task for it.

Sometimes it's more telling what a politician, the RNC, or a Karl Rove doesn't say or do. Rove is clearly in the establishment camp on these races, especially the Delaware race. In my opinion, Rove has more at stake than O'Donnell does; his reputation and career are on the line, credibility is up for grabs as well. And I'm not sure if he can change course at this late date to save his reputation. In my case, he doesn't. If O'Donnell loses in Delaware, I think Rove loses bigger. If she wins, Rove loses again. The establishment--on both sides--has much to lose in Washington DC, and it seems Rove is willing to do what it takes to allow this to happen. Rove is one of the best tools for recruitment into the Tea Party movement, especially the powerful Tea Party Express with its team of expert political strategists.

Andrea Shea King adds a lot to the cauldron--the witch's brew as it were--as she points out her experiences from witchcraft's ground zero. Others, I'm confident, will join in against Rove as we near the November elections. FNC has some skin in the game as well, so it will be interesting to see how this situation develops as we move closer to a November conclusion. I think Rove will be the loser, and in a big way, no matter the outcome.

From Andrea Shea King's THE RADIO PATRIOT:



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