Monday, January 24, 2011


Tune in this evening at 9 PM ET for Monday's edition of The Andrea Shea King Show. We'll be covering the latest news as well as other topics of interest.

Pictured at left: Andrea with Sean Hannity at a dinner in Orlando. And no, Sean won't be with us tonight.


While watching Fox News this morning, I noted they were talking about what happens if states decide to go bankrupt. This leads me to believe some states are actually considering this option. Either way, not good news for many states. And for the latest financial news, head over to Terresa Monroe-Hamilton's
FINANCIAL NEWS UPDATE. There's something of interest for everyone.

Do you remember Jeff McQueen, the creator of the Revolutionary Flag?
The Radio Patriot has an update on him, plus some great pics of Andrea with the flag while on tour with Tea Party Express.

Jack Cashill: Deconstructing Obama--Andrea Shea King reviewed the book and has it posted.

Here's what could happen if the dollar ever crashes--a video presentation of the day after the crash.

911? We have an Emergency: Melanie Morgan covers the California financial crisis. Well, the Gov said it was a crisis, but I think we've gone well past the point of calling it a crisis. Whatever you decide to call it, when it happens, all states will feel the pain. Lots of pain. Taxpayers will take the brunt of the pain so that lawmakers won't have to. It's good to be a lawmaker, especially in California.

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