Monday, May 09, 2011

NoisyRoom post: "Senate seeks to create Caesar"

This morning I sat down to the computer to find the entire Google system was down. Blogger being down from time-to-time is not uncommon, but Gmail at the same time is odd. Add YouTube to the mix and it makes me think of the wall the Germans were shocked to see being constructed one morning through the middle of their city. Probably nothing... but then again one has these thoughts. I trust very little and am on gut response.

I went to bed last night with thoughts about a post at NoisyRoom, reposted at The Radio Patriot and quickly spreading across the Internet landscape. Of course it's about our government--to put it more accurately, "their" govt. Classic misdirection in the midst of the OBL incident. And BTW, not sure about you but this OBL story has the look and smell of JDLR. More misdirection by our handlers in DC? Media reports exclude it, however, they are all over the amazing discovery that our train system is wide open for security threats. WTF? More misdirection. Is there anyone that wasn't aware the train system had zero security coverage? What a shock.

**From Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom: Senate seeks to create Caesar.

***Later today, an expert will be attempting to shed light on this proposed legislation. Developing...


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