Friday, November 04, 2011


Just watching CNN's Wolf Blitzer discussing Herman Cain's problems as of today. But they didn't really sound like problems since Blitzer mentioned Cain's polling is holding strong at the top and his fundraising over the last two days topped out at $1.6 million. In the last qtr, Cain raised $3 million. So Cain is losing no ground whatsoever, in fact, he seems to be gaining momentum in the GOP race.

Earlier today, Radio show host, Andrea Shea King, was walking the beach at Cape Canaveral and ran into a Cain ad on the Cape's beach. Supporters of Cain seem to be showing up at every turn--not in the MSM, but in the real world where it really counts. If you'd like to get on The Cain Train, jump on board!!

Photo by Andrea Shea King


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