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Sunday morning has the TPX crew on board the tour bus and headed to The Villages--1:30 PM ET; then Gainesville at 4:00 PM ET.

Last night as the TPX-Florida tour was wrapping up a long day in West Palm Beach, Newt and his crew surprised everyone by showing up. As you can see, tour Embed Andrea Shea King got a picture with the Speaker. Newt was very gracious, and generous with his time. Andrea has more at her site, The Radio Patriot.

I will build this post on the fly as events develop on tour, so stay tuned! There's always more to come. In the meantime, you can CONTRIBUTE to the TPX Florida Tour just by clicking the link. Your help is greatly needed.

As always, much thanks to Terresa at NoisyRoom Blog for all her help in getting the word out. Chicago area blogger John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit is reporting that Cain has endorsed Newt. In fact, that's where Newt was just before meeting up with TPX and Andrea last night.

The TPX tour just wrapped at The Villages, according to tour embed Andrea Shea King. As she put it--"it was mobbed with people... lots of golf carts." The TPX tour is now headed for Gainesville for a 4 PM ET rally. While on the road, Andrea will forward some pics from the rally at The Villages. Stay tuned.

GAINESVILLE RALLY: Tour embed Andrea Shea King didn't send any pics from The Villages, but she did send a couple pics from the Gainseville rally. I like the one where you sign the board, Constitution like--and as you can see, she signed it for me as well. She's quite the roving reporter, I have to say! Now where are those pics from The Villages? No matter, she'll get more pics from tomorrow's rallies at Panama City and Pensacola--Noon and 5 PM.

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