Friday, March 09, 2012


The Limbaugh-Fluke ordeal has come to a head and is beginning to recede. The "left" made a run at el Rushbo, thinking they finally had him. But this isn't the first time the "left" thought they had Limbaugh on the ropes and in apparent trouble.

Limbaugh and his business model are much too strong, organized and geared toward success to be brought down by a controversy the likes of Fluke. Limbaugh's company is set up to move product. And move product it does.

The sales figures for his clients are impressive as are the numbers Limbaugh pulls down for himself--some reports are now hovering at about $50 million annually. And Limbaugh will be the first to tell you he deserves every bit of it. I tend to agree with that assessment because, frankly, without Rush the products languish on the shelves longer than manufacturers are comfortable with.

You can't argue with success, and the formula for success should never be tampered with--never. Ask the people at Coke. I say, in an Obama economy, if something works, don't tinker with it. Count yourself lucky.

Well, this week one of the brain pilots here in Sacramento, and long-time advertiser on Limbaugh's shows, Dale Carlsen of The Sleep Train, has had second thoughts about no longer advertising with Rush. In Fact, Carlsen changed his mind and communicated to Limbaugh to again run his Sleep Train ads.

Limbaugh's response to Sleep Train's request boiled down to one of the most unpopular words in the English language: no.

Recently, the "left" convinced many of Limbaugh's advertisers to tamper with one of the best things that's come their way in years--The Rush Limbaugh Show. One after another, long-time clients of Limbaugh's show began to drop him because of a comment Rush made about a Georgetown law student. Rush did apologize later but that wasn't going to get the "left" off his back. After all, there was blood in the water and there might still be some meat on that bone.

I tell you this story about Limbaugh and Dale Carlsen's The Sleep Train because I've been a Ditto Head since the man in red socks left a time slot open, thus allowing for radio history to be made. I was also here when the Sleep Train first began rollin' down the tracks... with, by the way, Rush Limbaugh pushing the Carlsen model as hard as he could.

Limbaugh is the kind of success story that can't be explained in a passing conversation. No, Limbaugh's success would more than likely have to be offered at the Harvard Business School for one to fully comprehend the success achieved at the Limbaugh Institute for Conservative Studies. This level of success, by one person, is not the norm. I'm sure some would disagree with my opinion, but, it is my opinion.

This WaPo story covers the history of Limbaugh and Carlsen. It will help one to understand why Limbaugh would say "no" to any future Sleep Train ads. Kind of makes you wonder what the other economic brain pilots are thinking.

Limbaugh has always been a target of the left and always will be, and Limbaugh wouldn't have it any other way. This weekend Rush should throw on some shorts, fire up a cigar, sit back... and enjoy. Then maybe take in nine holes.

It's nice to have a victory for the good guys from time to time.

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