Monday, April 02, 2012


Good afternoon friends and family. This is an update of my medical situation.

Last Saturday morning (4am) I became ill with a fever and flu-like symptoms. Sometimes with leukemia I'll get hot flashes that recede shortly after they begin, but this wasn't one of those times. It was "go time." I went to the hospital, was admitted and stayed until Monday afternoon.

Months ago, as part of my leukemia treatment, my medical team installed in my arm a device called a pik line. Not sure how it's spelled but it boils down to an IV line in your arm that stays in place for up to a year. The line allows medical staff to take blood for testing and administering medicines/fluids as well. No needles involved as leukemia treatment involves lots of antibiotics that cause veins to be harder to find for that technician looking to take more of my blood, so the pik line solves that problem.

Well, sometimes the pik line comes with problems. This one did. Whatever the reason, this line caused me to develop a couple blood clots in the deep vein between my elbow and shoulder area, causing my arm to begin swelling, turning red, becoming warm with the arm seeming tight to the touch.

An ultra sound confirmed the clots, treatment was prescribed, improvements were immediate and out the door I went. Hospitals are full of sick people and I don't care to be in them. But with leukemia, I know I will be in them more and more as time goes on. I'll be going in for about a month, maybe longer, in the near future for a bone marrow transplant. If this little process doesn't kill me, I will certainly survive leukemia, setting a new world record.

Btw, the treatment for the clots, is I get to give myself a shot twice a day in the tummy area, possibly for up to six months. This, I'm convinced, is God's way of getting my attention for my wicked ways in the past. Message received, loud and clear!

So I've been home for a few days, feeling very good and ready to continue the process of kicking a Marxist out of OUR White House. Anyone with me?

Later, and thanks for all the Well Wishes. Most appreciated.


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