Wednesday, June 22, 2005


No mention of this story in the MSM. However, the History Channel will be broadcasting the entire event soon. The date hasn't been set, but they did indicate a mid-2005 airing. Details here and here.

***Because of this man, your life has never been the same.

***Handing Kitty a tissue...

***I've got a bad case of ADC. It's an old clip but it's still good to see a CNN host get the treatment. From Ace of Spades. (push play)

***Milblogger down at Black Five.

***Can I get "extra mashed potatoes" with that? From the Pam Meister.

***Can't mention this one enough.

***This morning Don Imus was attempting to make a joke about Tim Russert's friendliness towards his (Imus') son, but halfway through it he realized he was about to step in it and quickly backed off and went on to something else. Imus somewhat compared Russert's overtures to that of Michael Jackson's pedophilia. No one was laughing. Even the I-Man has his limits.

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