Saturday, September 17, 2005


**Find the "coffee bean man" while having your morning coffee. In the picture of coffee beans there's a picture of a man, and the faster you're able to locate him, the better your brain function, or so they say. For a description about what this says about your brain function, click here. Or, just go straight to the picture and start looking for him; you can read about it later.

**If you've got money with these idiots, I advise you to move it somewhere else. They don't deserve your business.

**So far 474 bodies have been confirmed in the New Orleans area. Only 9,526 more to find.

**The Right Place, featuring Mr. Right and Stephen Johnson, who by the way do a great job blogging, were handing out thanks and frequent flyer (s)miles today. Apparently I comment there too often, but thanks for the "thanks." Their weekly "caption contest" is fun--give it a try.

**2006 is just around the corner.

**A little biography of John Wayne by Ronald Reagan. I wish both these men were alive and well today. Here's a pic of Wayne in VN. Ann Margret draws a crowd.

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