Monday, September 05, 2005


Of all the MSM reporters, Wolf Blitzer is working harder than anyone trying to keep the anger level at Bush near fever pitch. Just now I saw him on CNN talking to one of his reporters, and it appears that Blitzer is having to invent things for the public to get pissed at Bush about. I'll paraphrase the best I can:
Blitzer: "Do you know if Bush had the flags lowered to half mast because of the passing of our Chief Justice or because of the disaster in the Gulf area?"

Reporter: "The flags were lowered late Saturday or early Sunday. It's tradition to lower them when a significant person in our government passes on."

Blitzer: "Can you find out for me whether Bush lowered the flags after 9-11. I think the American public would be interested in that."

Someone should prepare a room for Wolf. He's over doin' it a bit.

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