Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Move America Forward, the Sacramento based pro-America organization, has hit the road again in support of America's troops. The caravan left San Francisco Monday and will arrive in Washington D. C. on Saturday the 24th. Their last caravan arrived in Crawford, Texas, to help off-set the bed-wetters huddled around Cindy Sheehan during her vigil outside President Bush's home.

Mother Sheehan is organizing yet another anti-war rally in D.C. on the 24th and MAF will be pulling into town to hold a pro-troop rally at the same time. In the meantime, while traveling from sea-to-shining-sea, MAF's caravan will be stopping in many cities and holding mini-rallies in an attempt to gain more support for their cause and their organization. They will be doing this on the dollars we've sent them and with little or no media attention. Make that NO MEDIA ATTENTION.

Today, the caravan is in Salt Lake City. Tomorrow they'll be in Wyoming and Colorado. Thursday they'll be pulling into Rockford and Chicago. Illinois is Marathon Pundit country; hope he's able to give them a wave while he's doing some road work.

For the entire caravan schedule, click here. Also, I urge you to send MAF a few bucks. We need this organization now more than ever and they only have us to send them money--George Soros is funding the anti-American groups--so skip Starbuck's one day and send them a five spot. (For those of you that frequent Starbuck's in NYC, make it a sawbuck) *Donate here.*

In related news, Jihad Jane, the traitor formerly known as "Hanoi Jane," had planned her own anti-war rally on the same date but opted out so as not to take away from what Mother Sheehan has already accomplished. That's too bad, because I wanted to get a look at the crisco-powered bus she planned to slide into town on. Bitch.

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