Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Not long ago, Noah, was injured by an IED. Later, while on the mend, he was notified that his unit suffered another IED attack. 5 members were lost. Noah's mom blogs at SOME SOLDIER'S MOM. In a recent post she relates to us her conversations with Noah about the loss and the promise he made to his good friend, Tommy. Here's a portion:

I remember him telling me when he first told me that Tommy and the others had been killed, "You would really have liked him, Mom. He was just like me." He says absolutely everyone loved Tommy. He tells me that when they all went off to war, they promised each other that they would bring each other home. "This isn't how we thought it would happen, Ma." I detect such emotion in that statement that it is hard for me not to weep. I can not fathom the pain of such memories... or the love and loyalty that inspired such promises. Read the whole thing.

In the follow-up post, Noah describes escorting Tommy back to the States for burial. Though it's a sad post, it leaves you feeling very proud. Read it here.

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